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How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

Learn how to pick the right running shoe from competitive runners Doug Oldiges and Stephanie Coburn in this Howcast video.


So to get started you're going to need a new, good pair of sneakers. One of the best things for you to do is to go to your local running store. They're going to have a more knowledgeable staff and they may be able to spend more time with you to find the best shoe for you. Some local running stores will do what we call is a treadmill running analysis. We're going to look for overpronation.

People tend to fall into one or two categories, and that's either a stability or neutral, and with stability we're looking for people who are overpronating. Neutral tend to not overpronate so much. What I'm talking about overpronation, it's something that you're body naturally does to absorb the shock, when you're body hits the ground. If you have flat feet or really flexible arches, you're feet will tend to roll inwards, as you're full body weight is over each foot. So if you tend to overpronate a little too much, we'll put you in a stability sneaker, and that stops the rolling. Not so much, because you do want the body to do some pronation.

With neutral, you tend to have a little bit more leeway, as to which way you go. But again with stability, you really want to find the right amount of stability. If you need a stability sneaker, the sneaker will actually have a harder mid-sole in this area. This shoe doesn't have it, but if you have a stability sneaker, you can actually feel that middle section, which is a lot harder than the near the toe area or near the heel, and that harder section will prevent your body from rolling inwards, to keep you more neutral and keep your legs more aligned.

The reason why we do that is that if you tend to overpronate, you'll have a little misalignment in your ankles, in your knees and that will go all the way up into your hips, and over time, as you build mileage and as you build experience in your run, it can cause a domino effect and possibly cause injuries down the line. So with that stability sneaker we're going to try to keep you on your feet, keep you from getting injured, so that you can keep running.

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