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How to Stretch Your Calves before a Run

Learn how to stretch your calves before a run from competitive runners Doug Oldiges and Stephanie Coburn in this Howcast video.


If you tend to have tight calves and want to incorporate a little bit of stretching into your warm-up one thing you can do is some calf stretches. You might want to find a tree or maybe a lamppost, a bench, anything you can lean your foot up against, and we're going to be doing some dynamic stretching. So I'm not going to stretch and hold it. I'm just going to go back and forth a little bit, until I feel the stretch, but again I'm not going to hold it. I just want to warm up the muscle a little bit, get the blood going in there. Again, just do it a few times.

But if you can't find a tree, you can always just stick your foot out, point your toes up, and bend over just a little bit. The more you point your toes, the more you're going to feel that stretch, but again don't hold it. You don't want to really do the static stretching until after your run. Just point your toes, stretch into it a little bit. Get the blood going, stretch it out, and then let it go. Again, maybe do a little bit more walking. Do a light jog. Do a little bit more of your warm-up and get going on your workout.

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