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How to Cool Down after Running

Learn how to cool down after running from competitive runners Doug Oldiges and Stephanie Coburn in this Howcast video.


You just had a great workout, but before you stop, before you go home, sit on your couch, have dinner or jump in the shower, you want to bring your heart rate down a little bit. At the end of your workout take about five or ten minutes. Bring down your pace, let your heart rate come down, let your muscles work that metabolic waste out of your body a little bit or you can even walk. Take five or ten minutes and when you go home don't jump in the hot shower right away.

If you've had a long run, maybe you've done a speed workout, treat yourself to a nice ice bath. Fill the tub, maybe about waist high, cold water, let your body cool down a little bit. Try to decrease a little bit of that inflammation that was caused from your workout, but more importantly, don't rush to finish. Take five or ten minutes. Let your body cool down. Let your body relax a little bit, before you really sit down and have that good meal that you're waiting for.

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