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How to Start a Running Program

Learn how to start a running program from competitive runners Doug Oldiges and Stephanie Coburn in this Howcast video.


So you want to start a running program. There are a few key things that you want to do, so that you can guarantee success with your running. First, get the okay from your doctor. Second, go online, find a local club, find a local team or go to your local running store. They're going to have a plethora of activities that you can be a part of. They may even have coaches or classes that you can join.

There are online classes that you can take. Set yourself up for your new running program. Do you have all the clothes that you need? Do you have a new pair of shoes? Make sure you're getting Dri-FIT clothing. Clothing that allows your body to breathe, so that when you sweat it keeps you cool in the summer and it keeps you dry in the winter. Get a properly fitting pair of running sneakers.

Make sure the training plan fits with your schedule. Do you have a job that's too demanding? Do you have a family life or a social life that's too demanding of your time? Find a training program that complements your life, so that it doesn't become a burden or conflict with your schedule, and you become frustrated and end up quitting. Find one that works for you, so that you continue to stick with it and follow through.

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