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How to Run on a Track

Learn how to run on a track from competitive runners Doug Oldiges and Stephanie Coburn in this Howcast video.


If you have a track near you, it's a great tool to use to incorporate into your training. Maybe you're not quite sure how far you're running. Well, a track is a quarter of a mile so if you go around four times, that's a mile. So it's a great way to measure the distance that you're running.

Or, another way you can use it as a tool is using it for your weekly speed workouts. If you're incorporating a speed workout into your weekly run, you can do an interval workout where you do repeats of a certain distance. Say you want to increase your speed. You can use these shorter repeats to help to do that. You can do quarter mile repeats or you can do half mile repeats at a faster speed than you normally do your longer runs. Over time, as you build up, possibly increasing the amount of repeats that you're doing, it will help you become faster in your longer runs.

Just be aware of a few common courtesies. If you're going to the track to maybe just walk or do a very light jog, try to stay on the outer lanes of the track. If you're going to do a speed workout and you want to make that sure you're running at quarter miles, try to stay on the inside lane. But when you finish your repeat, try to get on the inside so you that don't stop abruptly and get in the way of the person behind you. This way it will be a more enjoyable experience for everybody.

So use your local track as a tool to help add a little variety to your training or help increase your speed over time.

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