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How to Run with Stephanie Coburn & Doug Oldiges

Learn about Stephanie Coburn and Doug Oldiges, two of Howcast's running experts, in this video.


Stephanie Coburn: Hi, everybody. My name is Stephanie Coburn and I'm a USA triathlon, level 1 certified coach and I coach some of the running classes for Jackrabbit Sports in New York City.

Doug: Hi, everyone. I'm Doug. I'm the program director for Jackrabbit Sports. We're a running and triathlon specialty retailer based here in New York City, we have four locations. And we are, in addition to providing great customer service, great products, we also have full range of training programs. Those training programs are triathlon and running specific, swimming, cycling, and running. And Howcast has brought us in today to make a whole serials of videos for you to hopefully enjoy and get educated, and get excited about learning.

Stephanie: I have a long relationship with running. I've been running for about 17 years now. I've been running since I was 12 years old. I fell in love with it. I've done cross-country, indoor and outdoor track, and now I'm a competitive triathlete. I've raced at the national and international level and I'll be racing my second Ironman this summer. So if you can imagine it's had a huge, huge impact on my life, and I hope to have that roll over to help you become a runner, and help it become a positive experience for you as well.

Doug: And likewise I've been running my whole life. I ran in high school. I ran in college. I've done numerous marathons, half Iron man triathlons, biathlon, quite, just all the kind of road races that are available, I've done. I did my first triathlon actually back in 1985, before it was quite so popular. Few people had even heard about them. Back then never even heard about the triathlon. It's like, what's that all about? But, I've been them for a long time and I feel that really helps me bring a lot to the table when I create the programs at Jackrabbit Sports.

So Jackrabbit we have four locations in New York City, three in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn. Our website is

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