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How to Do a Step-Up with a Bosu Ball

Learn how to do a step up with a bosu ball from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


So, um, one of the things you wanna do if you've never really used a bosu ball is just get used to stepping on and off of it, just so you get to feel for and your body is gonna adjust. So step up would be something ideal to do. So may be you just stand right behind it and you just put one foot on and then just put the other foot up and then come right back down. And you're just stepping up on it and I know it seems very simple but if you've never been on a bosu ball or ever balanced on one or don't have good balance, this is something that's probably not gonna be as simple as it looks right now. So and then maybe after that you can switch legs and you step up with the other leg and then when you are getting a little bit more used to it maybe you add something like a knee, and then you come down to just stepping up with your knee up and that would definitely get your body used to being on a bosu ball and what it feels like to have to balance on one. If you are more advanced and you wanna step up on the other side which you can do so many exercises on the other side, you'd probably would wanna do that, flip the ball over. And there is a couple of different ways to get on. Probably the best way is to put your foot, in the middle, one foot, and then you are gonna balance yourself so you kinda have to step down, use your leg and you are gonna have to use some muscles so if you don't have a lot, you are not ready for this yet. And you have to just bring the other side up. Then you want to just scoot over so that you are more in the middle and balanced. And the you are just gonna hold it there. You know, if you are not doing any exercises that's a good way to get on. And the way to get off, the best way is to just dip to one side and then cross over. Now another way to get up which is probably a little bit more risky, but some people prefer it. And if you feel comfortable with it, then, you know, go for it. You should just literally jump on it. So some people who don't wanna used the balance or maybe don't have a stronger leg, you could just jump on it. And then again same way to get off is dip.

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