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How to Do a Bosu Ball Workout Circuit

Learn how to do a bosu ball circuit from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


So one of the greatest things about a BOSU ball is you can use it for so many different things that you can actually put together an entire training session, a full body one.

So I'll give you an example of a circuit training routine that you can do. So circuit training is basically moving from one exercise to the next without taking too much breaks so that you keep your heart rate up. So I'm going to show you something you can do for upper body, lower body, as well as cardio, in just three exercises, and it will complete one circuit.

So first thing you can do, is maybe start with the cardio so that you get your heart rate revved up. So what I would do is make sure nothing's around your BOSU ball, you want to have space. One foot on, you're going to come down, touch the bottom, you just hop up, touch the other side. Hop up, touch the other side. Now if that's a little bit too much for you, or you have lower back issues, then maybe just reach down a little bit and don't go so far down.

But, the whole point is to do enough of these, maybe 20 on each side, 10 on each side if that's enough for you, to get your heart rate up and going. Then what you can do is you can pick up the dumbbells, and you can come on to it, and we'll do something for the upper body here. And you can do just maybe shoulder presses, just lifting up, and just the balancing on this ball as your heart rate is up is going probably to be enough. But if you want, you can also try to balance and do it so you just hold one leg up in the air, and then press up, which is a little bit more challenging. You might have to put that foot down like I just did.

The other thing you want to do is maybe a leg one, so what you can do is you can flip the ball over. And then you're going to take the dumbbells, you want to keep them in your hand before you get on, or have someone hand them to you if you're on. And then you step up, and then you're going to do a squat. So you take it down, you want to make sure that your knees are not passing your toes, your butt is back, back is flat, chest is lifted, and then come straight up. And then down, and straight up. And you can make this a little bit more functional if you wanted, and even add something like a curl and a press as well, which really incorporates the full body part of the circuit. So that would also increase the heart rate as well.

So that's one example of a circuit you could put together for yourself. It would probably last maybe two to three minutes if you're doing it faster, which would be more advanced. Five minutes max if you're doing it slower. You want to do maybe ten, to 15, to 20 of each exercise depending on which one you're doing and how heavy your weights are. The heavier you go, probably the less reps you're going to do.

The other thing is, so you can do more than one set of it. You do one set, let's say in four minutes, and then you take maybe a thirty second break, and then you do it again. And you can do up to maybe three sets of it, which would really get your heart rate going, your muscles working, and you would definitely feel like you were getting an entire full body workout within that just three exercises.

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