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How to Do a Push-Up with a Bosu Ball

Learn how to do a push-up with a bosu ball from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


A Bosu push up on the ball you can do several different ways. You never really want to put both hands on the middle of it so what you do for a bosu ball push up is you can put one on each one hand on the floor and one hand on the bosu and what you do is just press down and back up and then you can just stay on the side make sure your neck is not dropped you keep your neck in line with the back push up or you can do cross over push up. You would do a push up on one side you bring one hand to the middle and you switch and you need to push up on the other side. Now this is too difficult for you you can also do it on your knees. So you might want to put a mat down to protect yours knees. Now push up down right back up. Push up down you can even cross over on your knees cause you just kind can mover your knees along with it and then there is another option that you can do for bosu push ups which is just flip up the ball over and then you want to hold it. You can either hold it by putting hands right on it kind of wide or you can grip on to the sides and then again next is inline with your back and then push up down and up just like this more advance you want to go all the way down and then back up its over when push ups are over on the bosu ball because you have to stabilize your arms and you are accorded to do that so you get a shoulder work out at the same time because you have to use different arm muscles not just your chest muscles for the push up.

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