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How to Do Rows on a Bosu Ball

Learn how to do rows on a bosu ball from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


So, if you want to work some of your back muscles on the BOSU ball, an advanced move, you would not do this as a beginner, is you can hold yourself up in a plank position. You can either do it on your hands or your elbows.

So, I will show both. So, if you're in plank position you're going to keep your feet a little bit wider than usual, than usual plank because you want to stabilize yourself.

And you want to lift one arm just up and down. You want to make sure that your neck is aligned with your back. And you want to make sure that you're really bringing that elbow all the way up.

And you're not twisting. So, notice I keep myself stabilized. And this, in effect, is working my entire body. Not just my upper traps.

But what I'm doing is I'm actually isolating my abs and holding this, and holding this position.

Now, another thing that you could do is you could do it on your elbows. So, if your wrist starts to hurt you can just drop down on your elbow and then again lift up and down.

It gives you a little bit less room to bring that weight up and down, but it protects your wrist at the same time.

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