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How to Do a Bosu Ball Workout for Beginners

Learn how to do a great bosu ball workout for beginners from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


Here's a few exercises that would be great as a beginner. So, the first thing you want to do is maybe a squat. So, instead of putting both feet on the ball, you want to just put one foot on the ball and you can just squat down and up. And down and up. And then once you get used to that, another beginner move would be to put both feet on the ball and then do the squat. And then, just a very basic squat. Another beginner move could be just a step up which would get your heart rate up but also make you utilize those little muscles in your legs as you're trying to balance with the coming up and the coming down. A basic crunch that you can do on the Bosu Ball is to just lie back, bringing your lower back into the ball. Pressing down, so there's no space between your back and the ball. And just, a nice basic crunch. Down and up. Just to get the kind of feel for what it feels like to do a crunch on a ball, which is definitely going to more intense than something on the floor. Holding a plank would be something that's pretty basic on the ball. So, maybe on your elbows, because if you're just starting out on the ball, your wrists might be a little bit weak to hold yourself up. So, just holding a plank position right here, keeping your body flat. Keeping your neck in line with your back. And just holding it. For maybe 20 seconds would be a good, basic beginner exercise.

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