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How to Do Advanced Bosu Ball Exercises

Learn how to do adanced bosu ball exercises from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


Three advanced Bosu exercises you can do incorporate different body movements and different kinds of movements at the same time. So you're actually doing almost two exercises in one. You can even say three or four exercises in one.

So the first one would be a push-up, a side push-up. But you're going to jump your feet in after. So watch me. You do a push up on the ball. You jump your feet in. You jump your feet back out. Cross over, push-up, in, out, cross over. So here you have to stabilize yourself by holding yourself on the ball. At the same time you're doing cardio, because you're jumping your feet in and out. And at the same time you're getting that push-up in, which is working your chest muscles and some of your arm muscles.

The second exercise is on the other side of the ball, you're going to put your hands in the middle of the ball. You're going to do a tricep push-up, which is keeping your elbows by your sides. So you go down and then up, instead of keeping them wide. And then you're going to do four mountain climbers. So one, two, three, four. Again down, up. One, two, three, four. Down. So by doing this exercise you're working your triceps and you're getting cardio in and you're working your hip flexors at the same time.

And the last exercise that's advance that you can do is jumping in and out with a squat. This will really burn your legs and help you stabilize your core. So you just go in and then out. And when you jump out you want to make sure your toes are a little bit pointing to the corners of the room and you're squatting all the way down. And then again you go back in and you come back out. And you don't take any rest. So you don't actually ever really stand up. You just kind of go from one to the other without resting.

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