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How to Strengthen Your Core with Bosu Ball Exercises

Learn how to strengthen your core with bosu ball exercises from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


The greatest thing about the BOSU ball is how much it strengthens your core. That's really the purpose of it to begin with. Almost any exercise you do on it you're working your core muscles. So just standing here alone is going to work your core muscles.

So anything you do standing, any time you do a squat, any time you do some kind of arm lift, you're working your core. And then there's other ways to work it as well by being maybe in a plank position. So you can hold a plank on your arms, on your hands or your elbows and right there you're working your core, your abs. You can also just lie on your back and do regular crunches on the ball which is a very great strengthening exercise for your core.

And then you can do other things where you flip it over. So you can flip over the ball using the platform, hands down on it and you can just hold the plank. Very good strengthening exercise. You can bring your knee into your chest, or to your elbow, or the outside elbow.

And then anything you do standing on this side is also strengthening your core. So you put your foot in the middle and then bring the opposite leg up, and keeping it wide. If it's your first time doing this you're going to probably shake but that's normal and it's okay. This is all stuff for your core, your back, your abs, everything, in order to strengthen them. And then if you're going to come off, you just dip to the side and cross over.

And the BOSU ball is absolutely amazing for core exercises

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