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How to Tone Your Lower Body with Bosu Ball Exercises

Learn how to tone your lower body with bosu ball exercises from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


BOSU Ball is fantastic for toning your lower body because there's so many different leg exercise that you can do.

For instance, just a basic squat. You can put one foot on the middle and then you just squat down with one foot on the floor, down and up. You can also make these easy squat jump to intensify it. So you would go down and jump up. And you can incorporate both legs by going to the other side. So you would squat and then maybe jump to the other side, and squat.

And then there's also lunges that you can do, both forward and back. You can have one foot on with your other foot back just lunging down. You can make this into a lunge and bring your foot up and then you can do it the other way. So you can bring your foot, one foot in front of you, and your toe goes in the middle of the BOSU, and you lunge down and up. And again you have an option if you want, to lift that front leg up and really intensify that lower body workout.

Other things you can do on the BOSU Ball for your lower body include cardio. So you can jump squat on and squat off. So it would look something like this. Jumping on into a squat, jumping off in a squat. On and off. You can also go inside and outside. So you can jump your feet into a squat and out and then back in. And all these are strengthen your legs. And because you have to stabilize on the ball, you're really getting a lot of different muscles as opposed to just standing on the floor.

And then all of those exercises you can do with weights, too. So you can do just the basic squat with weights or the lunges. Anything I just showed you can be done with the weights as well.

And those would be some great exercises for your lower body on the BOSU Ball.

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