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How to Do Bosu Ball Combo Workout #1

Learn how to do bosu ball combo workout #1 from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


There's some really great exercises you can do on the BOSU-ball that incorporate your entire body, your upper body, your lower body, your core, and get cardio at the same time. I'm going to show you one of them right now. The first one is a squat jump and then you're going to jump back into a push-up position and do a shoulder movement that's going to work part of your shoulders, as well as your lower body. So here's what it looks like. Squat, you come down. Your hands go on to the floor.

You jump back and then you go down on to your elbows and then back up, and then you squat right back in with your feet flat. You jump right back onto the BOSU and then push back, and if you do one arm, you want to do the other arm as well. So if I started with my right, I would do my left, and ideally, you want to do maybe five to ten on each arm, and that would be a really great combination to work your heart rate, your lower body, your upper body, and your core at the same time.

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