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How to Do Bosu Ball Combo Workout #2

Learn how to do bosu ball combo workout #2 from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


Another combo killer workout you can do on the BOSU, which is really intense and incorporates your whole body, upper, lower, core and cardio is a squat jump on, and then either a push-up or tricep push-up while off. So it would look like this, a squat jump on. You jump back into a squat, hands come down, and you either do a regular push-up or you can do a tricep push-up, which is a little bit more strenuous and also gets the triceps, as opposed to the chest. Then you jump back in and do it again, so a faster version would look like this. Again, that type of combination would be really good for your entire body, because you get everything included in one.

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