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How to Do Bosu Ball Combo Workout #3

Learn how to do bosu ball combo workout #3 from personal trainer Rachel Shasha in this exercise ball workout video from Howcast.


Here's another killer combo workout for the BOSU ball. What you want to do is stand in front of the BOSU ball, keeping one weight, or you can use a medicine ball with this. And you're going to dip down into a squat and get your butt onto the BOSU.

Now you have to be careful with this, because you don't want to miss. So you want to, the first time you do it, you want to kind of check to see how far you want to be, because it's going to depend on your body and the length of your legs.

So ideally, you come down. You want your butt to land at the very bottom of the BOSU ball. If you land on top of the BOSU, or higher up on the BOSU, you're going to notice right away that your butt is not in the right place. So you want to be at the very bottom.

Then you take your weight, bring it close to your chest, roll back, and then come all the way up. And if you want to add intensity, you can jump as well. And then again, you bring it back to your chest. You come down. You roll back. You come up, and you jump.

Now the important thing to remember when rolling back up is keeping it on your chest. Because what you will do when you're tired or when your abs aren't strong enough, is you will hold it over here as you're getting yourself up. So the important thing to remember is keeping it on your chest, or as close to your chest as possible. Then back up.

That would be another killer combo workout you can do on a BOSU ball.

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