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How to Do an Exercise Ball Workout with Rachel Shasha

Learn about Rachel Shasha, one of Howcast's bosu ball fitness experts, in this video.


My name is Rachel Shasha. I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I also have my master's in psychology. When clients come to me with fitness goals, they usually have other things in mind too. They are not feeling good in their life, and oftentimes it's blamed on their weight, but there might be some other things going on. Having a background in psychology helps me get to the bottom of that which helps them reach their goals because when they start to feel better about themselves, for whatever is going on in their life they are more motivated.

I'm passionate about fitness because I think fitness is such an important part of life. I think going through life without having that outlet is a shame. Your endorphins start kicking in when you're working out so you feel better automatically. You start to feel changes in your body when you're working out, and those changes start to make you feel better about yourself. It's something that you can use when you're stressed. You can use it when you're feeling good and motivated. Fitness is always there for anything - for a challenge, for a bad day, for making your body look better, for living longer. There's no end to how amazing this is for you.

I'm passionate about psychology because my whole life I've spent analyzing people and myself. When I work with a client they often open up to, and pretty quickly because their defenses are down when they work out, and they start to tell me things about their life and I'm able to start to pinpoint things that they could maybe change in their life that would make their whole life better.

In order to find out more about me you can go to my website which is,

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