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4 Tools Needed for Floral Arrangements that Use Wire

Learn the four tools needed to use wire in a floral arrangement from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this DIY wedding flowers video from Howcast.


Now I'm going to show you how to use wire in floral arrangements. I wanted to use an orchid, this gorgeous cymbidium orchid to show you how to use wire in floral arrangements. This is a really fun one because orchids are very sturdy, so you can really play with the wire.

So the tools that you'll need to use wire in a floral arrangement. Wire. This is stem wire that you can get at any craft store like a Michael's or a floral supply store. The wire comes in different gauges and that just means the thickness of the wire. And think about the flowers that you're going to use. Typically, the thinner the wire the better as you're getting started using wire, because then you can manipulate it more easily and it's going to be more helpful to you than the thick wire. If you have a stem that's soft, the thick wire can pull through the stem and destroy the flower bloom. So you'll want wire.

You'll want a clippers or knife, whatever you're using, to design with the flowers. You'll need some floral tape. This is green stretchy tape. Again, you can find this usually at like a Michael's craft store or any floral supply store. And this is going to wrap around the wire. And, you're trusty, trusty wire cutters. These are going to be incredibly helpful because even though the wire that we're using seems pretty thin, it's much more difficult to clip it than it is to use the wire cutters. So just your basic tools. And then, of course, the flower that you'd like to use.

So I'm going to do one bloom at a time. I'm going to snip one bloom of this orchid and this is what I'm going to use to wire. So you want to pay attention to how long the stem of the flower that you're trying to wire is. I like to use these orchids and to trim them right at the base so that I can have a little more flower to work with, a little more stem to work with. The stems of these orchids are very waxy and pretty tough, so it's nice to use especially when you're beginning to understand how to use wire.

I'm going to take one of my stem wires and I want to think about what kind of arrangement I'm making, if it's something very tall or if it's something very short. If it's something a little bit shorter, you might take this wire and just cut it right in half so I don't have too much cumbersome wire to work with. Now, I want to make sure that the stem of the wire goes right through the base of the flower. I don't want it too high. I don't want it to puncture the petals of the bloom, but I do want it pretty high up so that it acts as support. And you just push it right through to the other side and feed it all the way through. Try and get it about half the wire on one side, half on the other. And as thick as this wire is, you can just fold it down, like so.

And you can already start to see, oh look, I'm creating a stem and that this stem could be used to place in a floral arrangement.

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