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How to Wrap & Fasten a Boutonniere

Learn how to wrap and fasten a boutonniere from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this DIY wedding flowers video from Howcast.


And truly, all you need, in this case, is a little bit of this trusty
floral tape. So everything can wrap together with the floral tape.

Start with the tape at the base of the blooms as you've gathered them. And just
stretch and pull around, stretch and pull around. And you continue
wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping, so you get all the way to the bottom
of the stems. You can wrap pretty far down, even if your boutonniere's
going to be shorter because you can always just cut it. But this tape
helps us to adhere the next step and to keep everything clustered together.

So I'm going to stop about there and just pull the tape off. And if I
felt like I didn't have enough tape or it wasn't a tight enough cluster, I
could always wrap and tape again. So here I am, it's awkward, it's long,
but I'm going to cut it later.

The next step is to use this really fun raffia that's wired. Really easy to manipulate and it can form a nice alternative to a ribbon. So the same thing that I did with that tape. Just put the raffia at the base of the flower and start to wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap. Goes all the way to the bottom, twisting the boutonniere as you go.
And with the raffia, because it's a messy look, you can get all the way to
the bottom and go all the way back up to the top. And you want to form,
kind of, a thick layer. And in modern weddings, this is a really fun
alternative to a ribbon. Okay.

Now, wire cutters. Just snip right at the base. Wrap it up and you
can see that raffia wire. Hold it again to the chest, measure it, make
sure that it's in the right position and that you like the way it's lying.
And then, snip the ends. Clippers. Now, if I have a little tail, I can
just pull it with my hand. Perfect. Take my boutonniere pin, stick it
right in there, and voila, a boutonniere.

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