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How to Pick Flowers for a Pin-On Corsage

Learn how to pick the flowers for a pin-on corsage from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this DIY wedding flowers tutorial from Howcast.


Now I'm going to show you how to make a corsage. I'm going to show you today how to make a pin on corsage. So what's really fun about corsages and boutonniere's is that you can truly use anything you want to use. A factor that's really important is to try and use flowers that have sort of a sturdy stem. But you can make any kind of combination and you can use flowers that have a nice bloom, as the centerpiece. Then something else that has a little more texture or interest to pair with it.

So today we'll experiment a little bit. Let's start with this really fun flower which is a blushing bride. So snip the flower, leaving yourself a few inches of stem. You can always trim the stem down later. We'll want to clean the stem, just pull off any of this green that you don't need. Whenever you're making a corsage you want to make sure that the bloom of the flower is going to lay nicely on somebody's chest, because this is where we're going to pin it.

So I like the way this is working here, and this has a sturdy stem but it's a little bit bend-y, so that I can make the flower face out. Nice presentation. So let's start with this Blushing Bride. I may or may not want to keep this little bud here, but let's see how it pairs with something else. So let's take a little bit of scabiosa, and a corsage can be really made to order.

If somebody likes a lot of floral on there, you can make it with several blooms or just one or two. I'm going to pair this scabiosa with the blushing bride. I really like how this looks. Again, I'm testing it on the chest, making sure that it faces out, and I feel like there's a little hole here. So I'm going to add another little piece of something. Let's add some of this really interesting blackberry.

This corsage is going to be a little bit rustic, a little non-traditional. It's kind of fun for a modern wedding. Again, trimming the blackberry like I did the other blooms. You can face it towards yourself, so that you can see how it's going to lie on somebody's chest. But this is really nice, I think. All it is when you're shaping a corsage, it's really just holding it in your hand exactly the way that you want it. Testing it on the chest and then wrapping it up.

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