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How to Make an Inexpensive Floral Arrangement, Part 1

Learn how to make an inexpensive arrangement from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this DIY wedding flowers video from Howcast, part one of two.


Now I'm going to show you how to arrange inexpensive flowers. Two things to consider when you're working with flowers and cost. You want to think about the cost of the container that you're going to use and also the cost of the actual blooms that you're going to use.

Today I've pulled a container actually that's tin and it's from IKEA. It's about four dollars. Really nice way to go and it's a little unusual. You can get something that's decorative. You can get something that's just kind of rustic and plain. It's nice, it's portable, and it holds water. It's an inexpensive alternative to a vase or another kind of vessel.

The second factor is choosing the flowers. If you want to go with a wildflower look or a rustic look, a look with lot of greens and filler, that's a nice way to go to make an inexpensive flower arrangement. I've pulled together greens and some Queen Anne's lace, which is a wildflower that's even found on the side of the road in some places. You can see just by gathering up the greens and the wildflowers here, I already have a nice cluster of elements into which I can add a more expensive flower like a rose. Even these roses, if you find these roses at a grocery store or at a bodega, you can find a short stem rose, because the length of the stem sometimes contributes to the cost, a short stem rose that might be eight or ten dollars a bunch. You get a bunch of them and you add it to some inexpensive greens, you're really in business and you can make a beautiful floral arrangement.

Mostly what contributes to the cost of the flowers themselves are how exotic they are, how far they've traveled - are they coming from Asia? Are they coming from South America? Those kinds of factors really affect the cost of the flowers. Things that you see on the table here are going to be more common elements that you'll find in a grocery store or a bodega.

As with all flower arrangements, you first want to start by greening the vase. We're going to try and put a lot of greens and a lot of filler in this vase because it's really going to bulk it up and then we only have to use expensive flowers sparingly. As with all arrangements, you want to cut the greens or the flower, pull as much of the foliage off the bottom, anything that's going to hit the water line, and start placing them in your container. I'm going to green up this vase, as I said, pretty well. You can use some more unusual greens. This is kind of a tropical green that's really fun to use. This is an inexpensive way to add interest. This Queen Anne's lace is really fun because it's very bulky and quite inexpensive.

Start to get your vase going with the greens and the filler. Then we'll add the feature flowers, the more expensive flowers after that.

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