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How to Budget for Wedding Centerpieces

Learn how to budget for your wedding centerpieces from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.


So when we talk about pricing for wedding flowers I think the most important place to spend your money really is with the centerpiece, and I advise all my clients to spend as much money as they possibly can, within their budget, on the centerpiece. If you think about it, your guests are spending the majority of their time, at your wedding reception seated mostly at a table, and that's what they're looking at, for a great majority of the time while they're at your wedding.

That's the thing people mostly remember. It may be even something that guests are going to take home after your reception, so it's a really important place to spend your money. So in thinking about how your budget breaks down, this is something to factor in. Having said that, you don't need to break the bank to make a beautiful centerpiece.

Particularly, if your wedding venue is somewhere that has any kind of outdoor garden or if you're getting married on a farm; maybe you're even getting married somewhere rustic like a barn; you can use that venue and have the flowers match the venue.

So for example, if you get married on a farm you could do wild flower centerpieces that are just really gathered posies of some wild flowers and greens, maybe tied together in a mason jar. That kind of look is very, very popular now and it's also sort of whimsical and it adds a little bit of personality and you can get by with wild flowers that are relativity inexpensive.

If you are at a nicer venue, a more traditional venue perhaps like a ballroom, you could consider doing more candles in your centerpiece than flowers. So anything that's not organic. Maybe you can rent from a florist or it can be reused. That may cut down on costs. Maybe just some candles and a few floating flowers in a nice beautiful glass bowl, that you rent from a florist. These are ways to cut costs, in either kind of venue.

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