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6 Tips for Picking a Floral Headpiece

Learn six tips for picking and wearing a floral headpiece from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.


I think it's a really lovely thing to do a floral headpiece for your wedding. I think the best setting for a floral headpiece is definitely a garden wedding. Something romantic, angelic. Particularly, if your dress is something that's maybe flow-y, or A-line or unstructured, I do really love that look. Something to think about when you're planning for a floral headpiece would be to do a lot of gorgeous vines or tendrils. Use something like jasmine, which is beautifully fragrant and also has a very delicate look to it.

You can do some little tendrils draping, an unstructured look for a floral headpiece really is the best way to go. So thinking about the setting, whether or not it's outdoors in a garden. It's not really appropriate to do a floral headpiece for an indoor wedding. So to do something that's really unstructured, kind of wild. Maybe a few clusters here and there of actual face flowers, like little sweetheart roses. But something really, really delicate and romantic and feminine for a floral headpiece.

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