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4 Tips for a Modern Wrist Corsage

Learn four tips about modern wrist corsages from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.


A modern way to make a wrist corsage is to axe that old style where you see in somebody's prom or somebody's grandmother used to wear a metal structure that kind of clamped around flowers and had maybe an elastic wristband to it. We don't do those anymore.

A modern way to wear a wrist corsage would be to use a gorgeous satin ribbon or a gorgeous silk ribbon and to simply wrap it around a corsage that you would make for somebody to pin on. So you can gather a cluster of flowers together, a really sweet grouping of things. Kind of lay them on your wrist and see if they look nice.

Then use actually just a plain ribbon to wrap. Tie a knot. Maybe stick a beautiful pearl handled pin in, and simply wrap a ribbon around your wrist. Tie it in a bow. I think that's a really modern way to do a wrist corsage, and it doesn't look matronly. It doesn't look old-fashioned. It just look sort of sweet.

It's a great option for people, too, because they can actually take off that wrist corsage when they transition from the ceremony to the reception. So they don't feel like they're saddled with this strange kind of flopping flower on their wrist all night.

So I like to do wrist corsages in a modern way. Again, without that kind of clamped, metal, strange piece of whatever it is that goes on people's wrist with flowers glued to it an elastic band. I don't like that anymore. So if you're going to go with wrist corsages, definitely do that beautiful ribbon wrap.

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