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7 Tips for Picking Flowers for a Summer Wedding

Learn seven tips for picking the best summer wedding flowers from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about floral arrangements.


So, summer is obviously a very popular season in which to have a wedding. And the biggest consideration when selecting flowers for the summer tends to be temperature and weather.

So, there certainly are a number of flowers that are gorgeous that are available in the summer that are seasonal. But in addition to that factor you should always be thinking about what's the structure of the day for my wedding?

Are these flowers that are going to be outside, cooking in the heat for a long time? Are they going to be sitting at a ceremony from the morning until the evening if it's an outdoor ceremony?

And certainly with bouquets or anything that's going to be out of water you really have to think about heat. You have to think about humidity.

So, summer is a great season in which to really rely on your florist to tell you the conditions of your venue, the conditions of your particular wedding ceremony and reception what's an appropriate choice.

Having said that there are beautiful options available. Things that are available year round like hydrangea are in great high season in the summer. So that's a lovely option for people to use.

Roses are available kind of all year round. And in the summer they open up quite beautifully because of the heat. So that's a great option.

Any classic traditional flower that you can find or that you could think of will be available in the summer. And stick to the colors that are around you in the summer as well.

So, some of the brighter colors from spring might be a little more faded by the time you get to summer. And that's a really beautiful look.

So, think about color. Think about temperature and weather. That's a big one for me in the summer. And really collaborate with your florist when making those selections.

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