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How to Pick Flowers for a Vintage Wedding

Learn about the best flowers for a vintage wedding from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about wedding flowers.


Vintage is very hot these days and you'll see vintage wedding ideas all over the blogs. People love this look and I really love this look, too. I think it's very romantic, I think it's a way to have a kind of a timeless or classic look to your flowers. It's certainly something that, particular if you have something kind of personal connection, so for an example if you have a favorite grandmother/s broach that you want to incorporate into your wedding bouquet or you have some piece of family history that you want to incorporate into the deco, maybe be on your escort card table you want old family photos, maybe couple throughout your ancestry history. You know your grandparents, your parents, their parents if you can drudge up that stuff. Even in inorganic elements like a favorite typewriter people love to put vintage books, or typewriters, or any kind of sweet (?) that you can do. You can put those things on escort card tables that's a way to have that personal vintage element incorporate into your wedding.

Another way to have vintage in your wedding is to use containers that are vintage. So maybe you gather up family heirlooms. You go into your mothers china closet and you find beautiful teacups, or crystal bowls, or sugar bowls, or something like that and decide to use those for your wedding center pieces. You can also just go to a flea market and have some vintage element that's real not personal you but that you chosen. Wooden crates, or ceramic containers, or mercury glass vessels, anything like that that you can incorporate and then you use whatever flower you want, but knowing that there's a vintage container there.

Finally, with vintage elements you can use flowers that are of an era. You can use flowers that look Victorian, or like they're from the Great Gatsby something very kind of draping or something romantic like big opened garden roses. You can do a little research even into a period of time say where your venue is. Maybe it's a venue that's an old house from the 30's and so you want to look up what flowers were popular in that time and then use those florals for your bouquets and arrangements. So there are a lot of way to vintage and I think the best way is to do something that's very personal to you.

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