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How to Design a Floral Arrangement for Your Wedding

Learn if it's a good idea to design your own wedding flowers from floral designer Sarah Brysk Cohen in this Howcast video about floral arrangements.


A very common request that I get is people wanting to do, either entirely their own wedding flowers or do some combination of professional florists doing the wedding flowers, and then friends and family, perhaps like a crafty friend is going to do the centerpieces, and they just want you to do the bouquets. I always encourage people to think about all of the elements of putting together wedding decor and not just the skill set that it requires, but all of the instrumentals.

How are you going to get the flowers? How are you going to prepare the flowers? Where are you going to store the flowers? Have you thought about the weather? Sometimes people will say "Oh well, we're going to pick up some flowers at the farmers market, and we're just going to store them in my uncle's garage that's near the venue."

Well, is there temperature control in you uncle's garage? How are you getting them to your uncle's garage? Who's going to then take them from that place to the wedding venue? All of these step-by -step instrumentals that are involved in getting that product to your wedding are incredibly important and a big part of what you are paying for when you are paying for a wedding florist.

So think about that. Also, think about how complicated it can be logistically to have one person doing one aspect of the design and another person doing another aspect. I've certainly done events before where I've done, for example, the personal flowers like the bouquets and the corsages and boutonneirres. Then a crafty friend or helpful relative has done the wedding centerpieces and when it all comes together, it design-wise doesn't make any sense.

It looks very different. Perhaps the friend or family member has forgotten some element and I end up on site, having to quickly craft a couple of centerpieces, and pull something together for people. So there is a reason to hire the professionals and so I do encourage people to think really carefully about doing your own flowers. This may be an area where DIY just isn't for you.

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