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How to Do Warm-Up Exercises for a Boot Camp Workout

Learn how to warm-up before a boot camp workout for women from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast workout video.


I'm gonna talk you through some basic warm-up movements for a boot camp. Whether you're doing a boot camp or workout at home, it's really important that you warm up your body. Sometimes there's a misconception that being hot actually means you're warmed up. And just being hot doesn't mean you're actually prepared to start working out. What you wanna do is increase your circulation. By increasing your circulation, elevating your heart rate you're just gonna get the blood flowing to all the major muscle groups of your body. It's gonna make your muscles more pliable, your connective tissues more elastic. Which just basically means when you start moving your body, you're less likely to injure yourself. You're going to be able to get greater range of motion, and therefore the exercises themselves will be more effective. Your warm-up exercises should reflect what you're gonna do in your workout. So for example, if you're gonna do a lower body workout, you want to do mostly lower body exercises in the warm up. And vice versa. If it's upper body you're going to focus on upper body. Most boot camps are going to be a total body workout. That's what so great about them. So just make sure in the warm-up for boot camp, you're working your entire body. All the major muscle groups, all of the joints. And you wanna move through all planes of motion. So you've got your movement in the sagittal plane where you're going forward and backwards, you've got movement in the frontal plane going side to side, and then you wanna do some movement in the transverse plane where you're rotating your body. So for example we could do a lunge, which is gonna move our body forward, move our body back and it's gonna prepare for maybe running forward, even sprinting, anything that's going to be moving forward through space. And then you wanna make sure work out the sides of your body, so taking a lateral lunge or even a jumping jack, where you're working in that frontal plane we're getting action in your hip joint and your shoulder joint. Again it's also gonna elevate your heart rate and therefore increase circulation. And maybe adding a rotation to one of the lunges, so you start to warm up your core, your obliques, and get that transitional rotation work. Again, just moving your entire body, get yourself revved up and ready for the workout.

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