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How to Do a Squat Thrust & Burpees for a Boot Camp Workout

Learn how to do a squat thrust and burpees for a boot camp workout from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast workout video.


I've asked a lot of my trainer and fitness professional friends, what the difference is between a squat thrust and a burpee?
Everyone has a different take on it, it's really just symantecs.
Both are great exercises, however way that you do them. There's a lot of different variations.

So, my take on the squat thrust and the burpee is this, the squat thrust is just like a burpee, except you don't do the pushup.
So let's talk that through first, and then we'll add the pushup in, and you'll have completed the exercise.

So in a typical boot camp, you'll probably be doing the squat thrust or the burpee even, on a park bench. So imagine that, or any really surface, a box at the gym, a step, a bench, anything would work.

You're coming down, so you're basically starting through that squat position.
Hands come onto the bench, and then you're going to step back, step in, and stand up.
That would be the most modified way to do a squat thrust, because it's very low impact.
If you want to bump up the intensity, then you could jump it.
So squat, shoot the legs back, jump back in, and stand up, or even, shoot the legs back and then add a jump, which is clearly going to make it more of a plyometric, more powerful movement, elevate the heart rate.

If you wanted to make it harder, then you lower the box. So now I have to go a lot deeper in that squat, just to even reach the bench.
I'm also going to be lower, there's more gravity coming down on me. It's going to make the core exercise itself more intensive.
Bring it in, and come up.

Then the hardest version, would be to go into the deepest squat that you could.
All the way to the ground, take it back, bring it in, and then stand or jump up.
Burpee, you're just adding in a pushup. So you're coming down to the squat, shoot the legs back, take a pushup, bring it in, and reach up or jump up.

Now what I did in that case, was I established the plank first, and then I took the pushup.
A more advanced variation would be to go right into the pushup.
So right from the squat, I'm going to go boom, immediately down, bring it in, stand or jump up.
Again, right through plank, into the pushup, and as you can see, it gets the heart rate up.

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