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How to Do a Push-Up Side Plank for a Boot Camp Workout

Learn how to do a push-up side plank for a boot camp workout for women from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast workout video.


I'm going to talk you through how to do a push-up into a side plank. This is just an exercise where you're combining different movements, the push-up movement and the plank movement. Push-up is predominantly an upper body exercise, and planks are considered more core work.

If you start in the push-up position, you want to have your hands, in a traditional push-up slightly wider than your shoulders, but for this move you're going to transition into a plank. A proper plank positioning for the arms would be to have your hands right underneath your shoulders. So you actually want to start somewhere kind of in between. You don't have to be super-duper wide, but you also don't want to bring your hands all the way in, just about underneath that shoulder. You want to make sure your shoulder is stacked right on top of the wrist.

You're going to inhale as you go down into the push-up. And you're going to exhale as you come up, maintaining the integrity of the curvature of your spine, so no excessive dropping of your pelvis, nor do you want to bring it up into a downward dog kind of position, just right in the center in your high plank.

After you've performed the push-up, you can just rotate your hips. Rotate so your hips, knees, and toes all point in one direction. Open up the arm, stacking your top hand all the way down through your bottom hand. Same with your hips. If you wanted to make this easier. You lower your bottom knee, so now you have more support. If you wanted to make it harder, you could stack the feet, and now you're less stable. It's going to be more abdominal work to keep yourself balanced.

Again, shoulder right over the hand. Inhale. You can even look up if you want to challenge that balance. You could even raise one leg up as long as you can keep the alignment through your hips. Transition back into the plank. Take another push-up. Exhale. And then again, swiveling the hips, opening up the arm, and if you want to make it harder stacking, keeping the hips up. Make sure your hips aren't rocking forward or rocking back. Again, everything stacked, shoulders and hips.

Retrace your path and you just keep going. One push-up, one side plank, one push-up, one side plank. It's great because you're really working all of the muscles in the upper body and you're getting a lot of work in your core.

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