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How to Do Plyo Push-Up & Clap Push-Up for Boot Camp Workout

Learn to do a plyo push-up and a clap push-up for a boot camp workout from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast workout video.


I'm going to show you how to do a plyometric push up or a clap push up. Plyometric just means it's going to be explosive. So any Plyometric exercise is going to replicate whatever the exercise is, in a more powerful way. For example the push up, traditionally, is just coming down and coming up. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart and your feet the wider, the easier to balance. When you add the plyometric aspect, you're going to get a lot more energy and you're therefore going to be burning more calories.

It's going to be higher intensity, so when you come down into the push up, first make sure you can do a good solid push up before you attempt to a plyo push up.You're going to literally push into the ground and explode away trying to get to that point where there's no connection between your hand and the ground, but both hands are off and then decelerating down through the movement. You can add a clap for more of a challenge, so you come down, as you come up clap and down, clap and down. Again, making sure you've got good solid push up mechanics before you try any of those explosive moves.

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