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How to Do a Box Jump for a Boot Camp Workout

Learn how to do a box jump as part of a boot camp workout for women from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast workout video.


Lets talk about How to do a box jump.It is kind of like squat jump. Except, you literally on to something.It could be box, it could step.It could be a park bench.Obviously higher the box or the park bench the harder it could be.So, starting with something on the conservative side if you worried about it.Obviously you make sure you do regular squat jump.Starting from that squat stance, curling yourself up and making sure that you can control the landing and decelerate up soaring the shock to your muscle not your joints.So you are gonna think about coming up and forward.You are gonna jump up , you are gonna miss the box.Hold both legs on to the box. Be careful your heels are hanging up in the back or you don't over shoot it.Lets take some practice.Starting from the squat.Think about your muscle stretching like a rubber band and then fire the rubber band.Landing in a nice controlled squat position.You can do it by stepping down.You can do it by jumping up and jumping down.This all variances you are going to work it.Again to progressive make the box higher and modify it.Make the box lower.Great different ways to work that squat to progress that squat to give your leg a nice workout.

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