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How to Do Waist & Stomach Exercises for a Boot Camp Workout

Learn to do waist and stomach exercises for a boot camp workout for women from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast video.


Boot Camp Workout for Women: Waist/Stomach Exercises If you’re looking to target your abdominal muscles, your waist, your stomach, then what you really want to think about are any exercises in which you really have to fire up your core. A lot of movements that involve balance are going to require the core muscles to activate more deeply than if you did an exercise in a more stable position. So for example, instead of doing something on a bench or doing something on the floor, maybe doing it on the stability ball where your core muscles have to work. And when you work your core, make sure that you’re thinking always about drawing the belly muscles in so that you’re firing the deep layer of abdominals as opposed to just doing things like crunches. So crunches are good. It’s important to do spinal flexion but more importantly for most people, we’re talking about planks, side planks whether it’s on the forearms or the elbows. You could do a combination of the moves. You could even add in a push up into planks. You’re getting a little bit more of a stability challenge again when you add stability and balance, abdominals have to fire a little bit more. One thing to consider is if you’re trying to do abdominal exercises and you are hoping to shrink your waist or you’re hoping to shrink your belly fat, really all you’re going to be doing is strengthening your muscles. If you want to lose belly fat, you want to shrink your waist, then you’ve got to be eating right, you’ve got to be doing cardio, running on a treadmill, cycling on a bike, doing a rowing action on a rowing machine, anything that you’re really going to be getting your heart rate up, burning a lot of calories. That’s where you’re going to shed your belly fat.

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