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Do I Have to Be in Shape to Do the Boot Camp Workout?

Find out how fit you have to be to do a boot camp workout for women from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast video.


A lot of people will ask me if they need to be in really good shape before they begin a boot camp and it honestly depends on what kind of shape we're talking about. Are we talking about someone who is a smoker, extremely over weight never been off their coach that's gonna be very different than someone who is a New Yorker and walks around a lot and goes up subway steps and sits at a desk all day but their still more active than the previous person. So, it also depends on the trainer are you going to a boot camp where it's just constant go, go, go with no regard to providing modifications and progression to the people in the group. So, making sure that your getting the instruction from someone who's going to allow you to work at your own level. A lot of boot camps are famous for just you know, go hard or go home, no pain no gain and in my professional opinion I believe that that's more of an old school type mentality. The new type of mentality for boot camp is everyone can participate all levels of fitness the instructor is qualified enough that they can deal with a variety of different levels. They can cater to those who need things to be modified and they can cater to those who need to be progressed but do expect to work hard, do expect to be sore and know that that's just a part of the process of getting your body into top shape.

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