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Will the Boot Camp Workout Make Me Bulky?

Learn if the book camp workout for women will make you bulky from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast video.


I have a lot of women specifically and men sometimes that come out to me and ask me, am I gonna get bulky doing boot camp training? The fact of the matter is, a lot of it has to do with genetics. Honestly, a lot of it has to do with genetics. When referring to women specifically, we don't usually have the types of hormones to support massive muscle gains. It takes a lot of work to build muscle. I actually had a woman come into my strength training class once and she had a three-pound dumbbell and I said, I think you could probably do a five. I mean she was a young woman and she wasn't injured. And she said, well I don't want arms like you. And I guess she thought I looked really bulky. And the thing about it is, I train for bulk. I lift extremely heavy. I don't pick up three-pound dumbbells at the gym. I pick up forty-five pounders, fifty pounders. And its still as hard for me to put on a muscle mass and that's my goal. So it takes a lot of work a lot of time, proper nutrition to put on bulk. And you should have to be doing weight training, heavy weight training. High repetitions or in the case of putting on mass, low repetitions to the point where six to eight reps and you can't even do the exercise again. When you are doing boot camp, its a very different training. It's mostly calisthenics. I'ts mostly cardiovascular. You are usually doing body weights; you are not lifting any actual weights. So its gonna be even tougher in that type of scenario to put on muscle mass. If you want hypertrophy, you got to lift heavy, you got to lift hard and you got to be doing it multiple times a week and really focusing on proper nutrition to back it up. So when it comes to boot camp training, again you are doing high-intensity exercises, you are doing more cardiovascular based body weight exercises. Not the type of training that one would do if they wanted to put on bulk.

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