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How Many Calories Are Burned in a Boot Camp Class?

Learn how many calories are burned in a boot camp workout for women class from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast video.


I have a lot of people ask me how many calories do I think they're burning during boot camp or during any workout. And it's really hard to determine how many calories someone is burning because everybody has a different metabolic rate. And also everybody is working out at a different intensity. For example, if I have somebody in my boot camp, they might be really pushing to their max capacity, giving every exercise their personal best and there could be somebody on the other side just kind of going through the motions, not really executing the movements to their fullest. And they are going to experience a completely different caloric burn by the end of the workout. It also depends on your fitness level. If you are really conditioned, really fit, your body has gotten efficient meaning you actually probably won't burn as many calories as somebody who is totally de-conditioned and their body doesn't even know what's going on. All these things are happening and they're burning a lot of calories. So it's important to think about your level of conditioning, your metabolic rate, how hard you're actually working in the boot camp and wearing a heart rate monitor could help you because you might have a better estimate to give you some sort of close guestimation on where you're at in terms of caloric expenditure. If I were going to give a ballpark number of how many calories I think you're burning in a boot camp, it depends on how long the boot camp is. If we're talking forty-five minutes, sixty minutes I would say really anywhere from three hundred calories on upwards to eight hundred calories. Depends on the intensity, depends on the individual, depends on if you're really working hard or if you're just kind of going through the motions.

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