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Difference between Boot Camp Workout & Other Workouts

Learn how the boot camp workout for women compares with other fitness regimens from personal trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli in this Howcast video.


So how does boot camp compare to other workouts in terms of effectiveness? The main thing about boot camp is, that it is a total body workout. I love cycling, I love running, but the issues with those sports is, they are all in one direction. You’re literally just moving your body forward through space. You’re not getting any lateral work, you’re not getting any rotation, you’re not getting a lot of upper body strengthening in any of those sports. Where as in a boot camp, you’re getting the benefits of cardiovascular like you would running or cycling, but you’re also building strength in your upper body muscles, you’re doing multi planer movement, so you’re working your body in a lot of different directions and therefore getting a lot of strength in a variety of different planes. A lot of core strength, a lot of cardiovascular work. Really just getting a lot knocked out in one session. So, it’s the type of workout that’s going to be very effective, just because you’re putting in a lot of effort and with any kind of workout, you’re going to get what you give.

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