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How to Do Shaolin Kung Fu Blocking & Attacking Patterns

Learn blocking and attacking patterns from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romain and welcome to our demonstration on blocking and patterns techniques of Shaolin. Today we'll be demonstrating some blocking and defensive patterns from the tan tui system. We'll start with a form called the deep leg. We'll demonstrate number one and number two. Part of doing a two person set is the body conditioning. Another part of it is, is developing offensive and defensive reflexive skills. Lets begin the form. To begin we start with hands up, punch down. This is the opening movement. Stretch the arm up, step back; reverse forward stance. And now we are gonna pivot and block into a forward stance back fist. Continue to a fore arm strike. And now we are gonna demonstrate kick guard and chopping the log. Go. And then its gonna repeat going in the other direction. One, two and three. And now to defensive pattern number two. Spencer is gonna execute a punch and Tyran is gonna block. From here Tyran is gonna execute a cross over knee kick. Spencer blocks the kick, he steps back and now punch toe kick and white stork. And its gonna repeat on the other side. One and two, three and four. Now they are gonna do it full speed so you get an idea of how to develop a reflexive timing and skills and distance required to do it. Begin. As you could see, you can go from doing number one, right to number two and right back to doing number one over and over again. Picking up the intensity as you continue. And stop. I'm Sifu Romain. And thank you for watching our demonstration on blocking and attacking patterns.

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