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How to Do the Crane Stance in Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn the crane stance from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romaine, teaching you the crane stance. To begin with, we'll start with the hands on the waist. From here, he's going to raise his right leg up, bringing the knee straight towards his chest. His toe is pointed down, notice the ankle is slightly turned in. Stomach in, chest out, back straight, eyes focused forward on one point. This will help with balance. The other thing that helps with balance, is keeping the supporting knee slightly bent. From here he's going to hop and switch legs. Go. Pointing the toe down, good. And again, go. Right. Now, the crane stance is a good stance because you can use it to avoid a sweep. You can use it to block a kick. You can also use it to execute a kick. If you do a front kick straight out, right. So, a crane stance has a lot of different uses, both offensively and defensively. I'm Sifu Romaine, and that's how you do a crane stance.

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