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How to Do Basic Shaolin Kung Fu Combinations

Learn how to do basic combinations from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Sifu Romaine. Today we're going to teach you some basic combinations. Let's begin. The first combination that we're going to teach you is slap kick to pubu, which is drop stance, palm beak. Let's begin.

Slap kick, drop down, and palm beak, hand in front, hand behind, in your drop stance position, making sure both feet are flat, looking and leaning towards the front foot. Now we'll show you the same technique from another angle. Begin.

The next combination will be from forward stance with the arms stretched out, the forearm in the palm. From here, you're going to wheel the arms, circling, one past the other, double hook knee posture. One, two, pressing down and double punch. One, two. Okay? Now we'll do it again from a different angle. Forward stance, arm out, and wheeling the arms, double hook knee posture, pressing, and forward stance, double punch, one, two. Now we're going to do it full speed... And one more from the other angle.

The last combination we're going to do is a very simple combination. We're going to start from our crane stance, right hand up, left hand at the shoulder, toe pointed down please. From here we're going to step down to forward stance. We're going to do an arc step. Step one and two and inside crescent to palm beak again. Let's do it from another angle. Starting from our crane stance, arms straight up, hand at the shoulder, knee directly in front of you, toes pointed down, foot turned slightly in. From here, step down to forward stance, both arms stretched out, step with your rear foot first, step again, inside crescent, palm beak. Now we'll do it full speed.

This concludes our demonstration of basic Shaolin combinations.

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