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How to Do Single Rafter from the Kung Fu 18 Hands Techniques

Learn how to do the single rafter move, as part of the 18 hands techniques, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Karl Romain, demonstrating the 18 tactics. The tactic I'm about to demonstrate for you is called Single Rafter. This is an outward block, followed by a reverse punch. We're going to demonstrate slowly first. My partner steps in, I block. Notice that my arm is at a 45 degree angle, heading right back towards him. Right from here, I'm gonna pivot my stance, and I'm gonna punch. I can use a sun fist, striking here with the bottom three knuckles or screw punch. Either one will work. Let's try it full speed. Boom. OK. Let's try it from a different angle. Again, first we demonstrate slowly. One, blocking out. Two, punching. Full speed. I'm Karl Romain, demonstrating the 18 tactics, and that was Single Rafter.

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