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How to Do the Sweep from the Kung Fu 18 Hands Techniques

Learn how to do the sweep move, as part of the 18 hands techniques, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi I'm Carl Romaine demonstrating the 18 tactics. The next technique I will demonstrate is called the sweep. This is a very famous technique sometime known as the iron broom. So what we're going to do from here is with my partner facing this way I'm going to drop down. As I drop down I'm going to pivot and stretch my leg out sweeping him backwards. We'll demonstrate full speed. Now let's try it from a different angle.

As I drop down I'm going to turn away lifting my heel up and now I'm on the ball of the foot. I create momentum and spin, sweeping his leg back as he falls down. Now we'll do it full speed. It's very important not to stop your momentum as you turn. I'm Carl Romaine, demonstrating the 18 tactics and that was sweep.

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