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How to Do Monk Ropes the Tiger from 18 Hands Techniques

Learn how to do the monk ropes the tiger move, as part of the 18 hands techniques, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Karl Romain demonstrating the 18 Tactics. This next technique is a Chin Nah and it's called Monk Ropes the Tiger. From here he's going to grab my shoulder. And again he's pulling me in. And as he pulls me in I don't want to resist. I want to go with. I bring my arm up. Notice the angle of his arm. I'm going to pressure down with my elbow right to his wrist. From here, if I want, I can add a shot to the throat. Full speed.

Try it from a different angle. Counter grab as he pulls you in. Bring you arm up. Sit in your horse stance as you drop the elbow. Chop. Grab again. Full speed.

I'm Karl Romain. That was Monk Ropes the Tiger from the 18 Tactics.

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