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How to Do 18 Hand 2 Man Set Shaolin Kung Fu Moves

Learn some 18 hand two man set moves from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Karl Romain, demonstrating the Shaolin 18-hands two-man set.

Two-man sets are great for developing your reflexes, your timing, and your distance. It's great for teaching a student how to defend themselves, and develop the reaction speeds necessary for real-life situations.

Let's begin. The form starts from attention, and hands up. From here, I step out, he blocks, and he attacks. This is called 'Eagle Seizes the Gullet'. I then block, he counter-blocks me, and we step back to an on guard position. I step forward and punch. He grabs, and breaks the arm with 'Carry the Basket on the Arm'. To get him to stop, I am now going to chop. As I chop, he blocks, and he comes forward to 'Drawing the Bow'. I lean back so he can't make contact. I then press, and deliver a hammer-fist strike. His counter to my hammer-fist strike is 'Cannon Mounted on the Beam'. My goal is to capture that hand. He's going to counter by capturing back, and stepping into 'Dragon Subduing Hand'.

To alleviate the pressure on my arm, I turn my body to a reverse-forward stance. Now I'm going to do what's called a chain step, to 'White Snake Coils His Body', and deliver a back fist. He then blocks to 'Deft Sewing Needle', lifting the arm up, and punching. I'm going to block, and step around to chop. He's going to be in his core stance with an outward block right there.

This is the first part of the form. Now we're going to show it to you in fast motion. Hands up. Go.

I'm Karl Romain, and that was part one of the Shaolin 18-hands, two person set.

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