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Learn More 18 Hand 2 Man Set Shaolin Kung Fu Moves

Learn more 18 hand two man set moves from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Karl Romain with the 18 hands two-person set, part two. We're going to pick it up right from where we left off. So when we left off, I was chopping, he was blocking. Now he's going to step forward and punch. I'm going to block and chop. Block and chop. From here I'm going to punch, he's going to capture. As I step back away from his sweep, I'm going to deliver a palm. He captures with twisting a strand of silk and delivers a back fist. And now step back and I'm blocking with my palm strike. From here he's going to sweep. As he sweeps, I'm going to leap over to my crane stance on the other side. And that's where we'll stop for part two. Now we're going to do it full speed.

I'm Karl Romaine and that is 18 hands two-person set, part two.

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