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7 Great 18 Hand 2 Man Set Shaolin Kung Fu Moves

Learn seven moves from the 18 hand two man set from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Karl Romain, demonstrating the eighteen hands, two person set, part three So, at this point in the form, I just jumped over his leg, as he did the sweep. He's turned and punched in the other direction and from here I'm in crane stance, arms are up. I'm gonna look at him and swing the hammers over the body, he's gonna counter with his own swinging the hammers over the body. From here he's gonna do ball kick, as I step back and do white stork, as he steps down he's gonna do mandarin duck feet, kicking one to my shin and two as he kicks up, I block. Now I'm gonna retaliate with my own mandarin duck feet and counter grab his shoulder. He's now gonna grab and monk rolls the tiger step, one, step two. From here, I'm gonna punch, as I punch, he blocks. He's now gonna punch out and drawing the bow as I chain step and hammer, he blocks with twisted phoenix elbow. I press down on his arm, he's gonna counter with monk strikes the bell. I, then block up as I step back he blocks and as he punches I need to step out and around and now I'm gonna try and slap his ears as he's gonna do monk push the door. I absorb, circle around, on guard. That brings us to the end of our Shaolin eighteen hands 2 person set. Now we'll do it full speed. I'm Carl Romain and that concludes our Shaolin eighteen hands 2 person set video.

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