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How to Do the Low Block from Self-Defense Long Fist Form

Learn how to do the low block, as part of self-defense from long fist form, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Long-fist one, self-defense applications, low block. From here, our attacker is going to step back. He's going to deliver a front kick. As he delivers the front kick, Mr. Robinson is going to block down with a double-fist strike right to the ankle, breaking the ankle. It's really important that when you step back, you don't step back into a straight line. Just slightly out or just slightly off of that. Let's try it one more time.

Are you ready? He brings his knee up, he kicks, he steps back slightly out. This is very important because this knee helps to protect him in case he misses the block. So, he's not getting kicked in the groin. This strike, both fists stay together as you strike the ankle. Okay? Let's try it full speed. Ready?

This concludes our demonstration of long-fist one low block.

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