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Hammer to Reverse Punch Self-Defense Long Fist Form

Learn how to do hammer to reverse punch, as part of self-defense from long fist form, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


This is long first one form self defense, hammer to reverse punch. Let's begin. The attack here will be a shoulder grab. Mr. Robinson will step out, bringing both arms up in a hammer fist and dropping them straight down to the ground. And then pulling upward on the elbow. Not just up but up and in. Now from here he's going to deliver a reverse punch in forward stance while maintaining his grip on the arm. This is important to turn from horse to forward for power. Let's try it one more time. He's going to grab. He's going to bring his arm straight up and then drop his arm straight down. Notice how his attacker drops down as he does that. Now he's going to pull up on the elbow and then turn forward stance and punch. And a nice place to punch would be the floating ribs. OK, let's try it full speed. Ready? Begin. This concludes our demonstration from long first one form, hammer to reverse punch.

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