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Step Palm Reverse Palm from Self-Defense Long Fist Form

Learn how to do step palm, reverse palm, as part of self-defense from long fist form, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Now we'll be demonstrating self defense from long fist one: step palm, reverse palm. Our attacker is going to step back. He's going to throw a hay maker. Mr. Robinson is going to defend. Notice when he's blocking he's blocking with the edge of the hand. One at the wrist. One at the shoulder. You want him to feel like he's running into a wall here. You want to make sure the you're extending your power out. Now he's going to do the same thing as his attacker punches him with the other arm. Again, stopping at the wrist and the should. From here, he's in a forward stance. This is important because you want torque and you want power with your strikes as well as your blocks. Now he's going to turn and chop. Notice how he pivots to horse stance? This hand here is very important. This is what we call a checking hand. This is important in case he throws that hand or a secondary punch. So you can at least block it before it gets to you. Now to demonstrate full speed.

This concludes our demonstration of long first one: step palm, reverse palm.

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